Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I am a PADI Instructor now

Last weekend, in Eindhoven, we had our PADI Instructor Examination. Before this, we had a very instructive and tough Instructor Development Course.
Compared to the long and hard days of working during the IDC, the IE was a piece of cake. Our Course Director, Bill, was a great support during the IE and surprisingly, we had a lot of fun.
Anybody who is nervous before an IE, you shouldn't be! You are allowed into the IE for a reason. Just do your best and after two days, you can call yourself an instructor!
The first day of the IDC was a 'dry' day. No diving. We made two exams: dive theory and PADI standards. The dive theory exams consist of five parts: Physics, Physiology, RDP and Decompression Theory, Skills and the Environment and Equipment.
After the exams we had some time to prepare our theory presentation and our briefings for the next day. I had to give a presentation about the eRDPml, which was easy. After that we had to give a briefing about one confined water skill, and two open water skills. Mine were neutral buoancy in the pool, and use of alternate air source and a controlled swimming emergency ascent in open water. We had finished early so we had some time to relax.
The second day was the 'wet' day. It was going to be a cold day, the first day of September in the Netherlands, and it was freezing!
We went to the pool to do a 'skill circuit'. We had to do five skills: mask off, hovering, use of alternate air source, the CESA and equipment off on the surface. After that we did our presentation of our own skill, and the debriefing.
Then, we went to the lake were we would do our open water skills. We had to do one rescue skill on the surface, and two skills underwater.

We were with a group of eleven people. I want to congratulate everybody that passed the exam! It was a good weekend and I wish all of you good luck and a lot of fun on your future adventures!
I want to thank and congratulate the RED group in particular: Bert, Corinna, Marc and Antje, have fun working as an instructor!
Thanks to the course directors and especially Bill and Wendy and of course thanks to Yme for being such a relaxed examinator!

PS: This Friday I will be heading to Aruba!

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